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Florida handyman make cameos on local news for crazy criminal behavior!  

Many Florida home remodels are so damn ugly they should be criminal.   Cheap trendy materials from Home Depot and ill conceived designs are leaving homeowners with a lackluster result....

But you can avoid that fate.   Dr Ryan Lutz and the team stand ready to steward your investment toward success.  

Ryan ruthlessly manages all work.  Unlike most contractors, Ryan and the team are financially stable with full time employment and not living paycheck to paycheck.    Background checks are performed on employees an available to 

Ryan Lutz Decisions

Click the button above to have a brief  phone consult.    Whether your budget is as modest as $500 or as generous as $100,500, we will give the best advice.   You are encouraged to call asap as schedules are usually booked out 2-6 weeks depending on job scope.    


Dr. Ryan Lutz  Designer, Builder, Engineer & Problem Solver

Ryan comes from a family with a strong background in design and craftsmanship. On one side, his family excelled in electrical contracting, while his father was both a furniture designer. In his early teens, Ryan was already involved in various carpentry trades and also assisting with fabric presentations.

His journey has been diverse, from selling container loads of upholstery to managing various aspects of hundred-million-dollar projects. Throughout his career, Ryan has maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for quality, provided your project is accepted.

[Images 2005: Ryan's Fabric Showroom/NC -  Morgan Fabric Founders/Los Angeles]

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Company Values

Identifying and presenting timeless designs which can be reliably executed to increase your home value and enjoyment.  

Julio Charneco
  • GREEN-  sustainable options such as refinishing, painting & floor regrouting
  • Premium Materials-  To stand the test of time while looking excellent  
  • Best Practices- Honoring installation  standards of NWFA, TCNA, etc.  
  • Specialized- Talented installers with proven track records
  • Managed-  From estimating to customer sign off,  we work hard to earn your blessing and referral to friends.
  • Elevated- Timeless design & colors as seen at highest levels of design & architecture.
Ryan Lutz

Lets Beautify Your Home!

Unlike many contractors, I dont live check to check. Most of my contractor partners are established and successful with full time schedules.  Many are trying to pivot into self employment and Las-Casas is the vehicle.  

If you are looking for high quality work please reach out asap to discuss because we want to begin scheduling.  

All the best, Ryan Lutz