Bathroom remodeling often takes a back seat in home improvement plans. The perception of high costs, time-consuming endeavors, and the intimidating average price tag of $30,000 for a South Florida bathroom remodel can deter many. Yet, when you examine the results, it can indeed be a daunting prospect. However, there’s good news. There are less invasive and more budget-friendly approaches to remodeling, especially in situations where a full rip-out and replacement may not be necessary. You can achieve remarkable transformations for as little as $5,000 to $10,000. So, before you dismiss the idea, consider the alternatives. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to start brainstorming your bathroom project. We’re here to help make your vision a reality.

Before & After

Fort Myer Bathroom Renovation After

Now its time to grind out the grout lines.  We use a dust collector filter before the vacuum so most of the dust is picked up.   We grind the grout out and then install new performance grout.  

Homeowner Goals

Symptom: "Vanity So Ugly"
Homeowner Goals:   Client wants to update the bathroom without having to rip out tile



Cost- $5500
Symptom(s) Ugly Bathroom
Size-  3 Vanities, 2 Bathrooms
Location- SailHarbor (Fort Myers)
Duration- 2 visits, + 1 follow up check in 


Dirty Tile Grout
Ugly vanity
Ugly Fixtures
Ugly Hardware
old yellow Electrical
(Plugs / Switches)


Grout Treatment
New Doors + Drawers
Sand / Prime / Paint
New Hardware
New Fixtures
New Plugs & Switches

Ryan Lutz Headshot4

Contractor Reccomendation

Client Vanity is Real Wood.  Buying a new one, installing, and reconnecting plumbing is going to add about 20% more, for potentially lower quality.  I advised the client we could salvage the cabinet, and likely salvage the doors.  Order new doors for the 3 vanities if needed.  This bath was not a candidate for a ReGrout, so we colorseal it.

Replace fixtures, Hardware, Touch up paint walls after, color seal grout. 


Remove Doors & Sand

Removed the doors and began to clean and sand.   When cleaning, realized the doors have a cheap particle board that was taking in water.   Thus these doors can not be salvaged.  

We had cabinet company come out and measure for new doors and drawers.  This was the best decision  which will get the client a much better result.  13 total doors and drawers were sized and ordered and we began painting and priming the doors.  

Sanded Cabinet 

Tape + Paint

3 vanities total.  Guest bathroom has different counter surface as you can see  

Fixture, Receptacles, & Switches

Lots of ugly yellow plugs and switches, & Lighting Fixtures.   We replaced these with energy efficient fixtures and new non-yellowed plugs and switches.  Then light sand, touch up paint. 

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Affordable Bath Remodel Results, Fort Myers 2023
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