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Handyman Services in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

We're here to assist you with a wide range of services, from painting, drywall, floors and more.  I'm Dr Ryan Lutz the founder of Las-Casas.  I'm a 4th generation electrician and craftsman who can perform almost any construction task.   But Im not "specialized" at everything and no handyman is.  

  And that is why Las-Casas collaborates with the finest craftsmen in Lee County.  I handle most tasks and summons more specialized partners when needed.  This provides a MAJOR advantage giving homeowners.

Whether you need a full bath remodel or a the assembling of a new bed from Ikea, we can help you. 

Handyman in Fort Myers & Cape Coral
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Quality Handyman Work 

Got Handyman tasks or minor home remodel needs? Perhaps touch up painting some baseboard trim, changing bulbs, or a pesky Ikea dresser to assemble?  

Ugly light fixtures or tile grout driving you up the wall? 

Las-Casas offers dependable handyman services in Fort Myers, Sanibel, Cape Coral, and beyond.  I only accept jobs from nice customers where we are confident in a great result.  My partners are master carpenters and specialists.  

Your 3 Handyman Options

LEE County is flooded with handymen post Hurricane Ian. Some good and some bad.   Lets look at all your Handyman options.

Larry David Mad Small

Option 1.  Local Handyman

A handyman often assumes ALL the tasks.   Many Handymen are not current on 2024 best practices.  Construction is rapidly changing.  

Grumpy old contractors are resistant to change and there are MANY in Florida.  They stubbornly refuse to use the new materials.  Or perhaps the homeowner encourages the handyman to cut corners to save costs, which more than doubles the cost in the long run.    

Have you ever heard of a leaking shower?  Its VERY common in Florida, however most homes are slab on grade, so the problem goes un noticed.  But my friend in Sandoval community in Cape Coral has a 2 story home with a shower upstairs that is leaking through the floor.   In the the last 12 months Ive seen 2 scenarios like this that need a full reinstall. 

75% of my work is fixing contractor mistakes

Option 2.  Handyman Franchises

Mr Handyman and Ace Hardware are both Handyman Franchises.   McDonalds doesnt do sushi or lasagna and it is not realistic that a handyman can deliver excellent results across all services and you can see the Yelp rating below for the local Mr Handyman Franchise which seemingly made people disappointed.   

This is why we keep a rolodex of the top handymen in Lee County.  

NEgative Yelp Review Of Mr HAndyman Service Fort Myers 2.5 Stars

Option #3 Self Manage Sub Contractors

General Contractors (GCs) oversee job execution and timing. When hiring a "handyman," you take on this role. However, without  accountability to a GC, you are at the mercy of the contractor to be competent and do a good job.  

Having a GC overlook your job is the best scenario to prevent costly mistakes.   Even on small repairs such as patching drywall, an improper solution could cause cracking, paint peeling, etc.  The cost jumping 3x more when you have to redo it.  

Instead of gambling with your home, allow us to help recruit the most appropriate "handyman"  for your home.  If the schedules or budget do not align, we will quickly advise you.  

Las-Casas installers are full time employees or 1099 of local Lee County companies. They are background checked and vetted for quality work.  Our #1 goal is relationship building on the small jobs because we want the opportunity to work with you in the future.   We also offer exterior & interior painting, new floors, full bathroom remodels, etc.   

 When we understand you current and future goals we can help guide you.  Click the phone icon above to start the conversation. 


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  • LEE County Resident
    Former partner was Jewelry designer for Chico's until her passing in 2019.  Lee County resident since 2014
  • Experience
    4th Generation Electrician who has designed & managed projects from 5,000 to 50 Million
  • Passionate
    We love seeing a job and a happy customer and  
  • Insured
    Insurance established 
  • Stable
    Most contractors live paycheck to paycheck.  I am stable for many years without income.  My installers are established and stable as well.  
Handyman in Fort Myers & Cape Coral
By :Ryan Lutz

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