Inspiration for Home Remodel

For a timeless remodel, seek inspiration from top designers, even if their projects are beyond most budgets.  Explore their color themes, combinations, and materials.  You will 100% notice that the best designers often take a reserved approach.  And that is what you should do for your home to get the best result.  High end design isnt about big budgets.  It is about discretion and using quality materials and flattering combinations that are within your budget.  

You can find great inspiration in "The Local Project" showcases stunning home builds in Australia and New Zealand – an excellent source for color ideas.  I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this relaxing and watching this The Local Project channel.

John Legend + Chrissy Teigen's home

I also found this John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's home very compelling.    Check out their video below.  I find her obnoxious, however this video may have changed my mind :). Their home is beautiful and a masterclass on timeless design.  

Though Im uncertain about the Butterfly wall she admittedly conceptualized while on Ketamine....  

And this is why you hire design professionals.  To save you from silly decisions   😉

YouTube video
Inspiration for Home Remodel
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