"Home Remodeling Cost: Sticker Shock"

There are many Florida contractors doing subpar home remodels.  But that is not what we are talking about.  Instead we are talking about Premium installations with 100% due diligence of top quality materials.

As I discussed in my blog post.  Many contractors skip steps to maximize profit.  Thus  Many homeowners experience sticker shock when they receive a quite from a diligent contractor who performs 100% correct installations per manufacturer reccomendations.  

To offset the costs I created a design process that right off the bat saves customers about $2500 dollars.  

Let's get into the details and help you bet a better understanding of typical Fort Myers "Home Remodeling Costs" for Bath, Kitchens, and Floors.  

Home Remodeling, The Hidden Expense

A skilled contractor typically charges a minimum $100 per hour.

The contractor's time committement starts when meeting with customer to identify the goals, budget, and expectations.   The contractor then creates a estimate with job scope, design,materials, dates, payment schedule.

Many contractors offer "Free Estimates," but as the saying goes, there's no free lunch. Estimate generation is a significant cost for contractors who take pride in their work.  

Estimate Costs

Estimate generation is one of the leading factors driving up your home remodel cost.  Lets look at the details..

1. Advertising Cost: From website maintenance, design, ad management.  The cost that gets rolled forward for most remodelers is $200- $1000.

2. Drive Time: Lets say an average round trip to meet a prospexctive client is  90 minutes. That would be 90 minutes at $150.

3. In-Home Consultation Tiime: In-home design consult typically spans 2 hours.  at $100 per hour, that is $200 dollars rolled into the cost.

4. Estimate Generation and Q&A: Phone calls and emails to source materials and then drafting an accurate estimate is usually 2 hours $200.  Though is other cases this could quickly become 4, 6, or 8 hours of lost prouductivity.  

$750 Minimum
( Contractors Time Generating an Accurate Estimate ) 

4 to 1 Ratio

Contractors submit 4 estimates for every one job the accept.  

This means there were 4 meetings and estimates generated at the Minimum $750 we discussed above.   $750 x 4 =  $3,000

So this means the contractor has $3,000 dollars of cost from the 4 estimates that has to be accounted for.  When your job is the 1 that was accepted, that means that your job is going to cover cost of the other 3 that did not get accepted. So this means the full $3000 is being offset by your job.  

Doesnt seem fair does it??

$3000 Rolled Into Your Remodel

Climbing Costs

It's not unusual for customers to expand their home remodeling projects, adding more work and material cost often doubling or tripling  the cost due to costomer requests.  

Another issue that happens WAY too often is the contactors neglect crucial parts of the job.  Or they come back to the customer and request more money claiming that XXX was not included in the original quote.  

Either way, costs for remodels typically increase.  

Cost Effective

We take steps to saving you money and also get you a better result.   READ NOW

Home Remodeling Costs
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