Home Remodels can cost your BIG $$$$. But there are less invasive remodeling options that can majorly improve the way yoru home feels. #1 on your list is replacing dated and dirty outlets, switches, and especially light fixtures. || Home remodeling projects can come with a hefty price tag, but there are more budget-friendly options that can make a significant difference in the ambiance of your home. At the very top of this list is the simple act of replacing outdated and grungy outlets, switches, and, most importantly, light fixtures. This choice holds the prime position because it offers substantial value for your investment, particularly when combined with the addition of a fresh switch plate, a touch of paint, and some putty to tidy up the area around these switches. These seemingly small changes can create a remarkable transformation in your home.

Before & After

Are you afflicted by dirty yellow outlets??  Nothing looks worse than discolored outlets and switches from 20 years ago.  Its  right up there with dirty grout.  

Removing the front plate on switches and electrical outlets is easy.  Some basic tools and you can change these yourself.  Either way, a task well worth performing.  

Can you imagine seeing yellow outlets and switches when shopping for a home?  This is a design upgrade that is well worth it.   It will make you feel better and any prospective homebuyers in the future.  

Paint touch up

And another tip.  Touch up painting around your outlets is another high ROI task.  The areas around the light switches catches oil and dirt after a couple years.  Its especially noticeable on light paint or on matte paint which has a tendency to absorb oil.  

When you are changing your outlets and swis

Tips on Outlet and Switch Replacement

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Affordable Home Remodeling Tip #1: Switches, Outlets and Light Fixtures
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