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Driving Up Cost

#1. Inefficiency - Most contractors offer "free estimates,"   securing 1 out of 4 jobs estimated.   The lost productivity generating those 4 estimates totals $3,000 and that full amount gets rolled into your job!  Free estimates are commonly used by unethical contractors, READ the Article.

#2.  Bad Installs - Poor workmanship + ignoring manufacturer recommendations causes repeated repairs and eventually replacements of your investment.  Often causing you to redo a portion or the full job in 5 years.  

#3  Bad Business - Often the most skilled craftsmen and artists have the worse business skills.   Lack of demand forces contractors into less than ideal jobs.  Many contractors live paycheck to paycheck forcing them to cut corners on quality.  

The Process

To keep costs down for you, we think different.  

We are not the cheap guys.  We carry the highly engineered products and complete installations that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.  

Please read the details below on working with us. 

Phone / Text / Video Consult

"Free estimates" can add thousands of dollars to your cost.  Instead, we offer a free consult where we shoot straight with you to help you identify if it makes sense to move forward with a remodel.  

Please text me 3 photos of your space and what your goal is.  

I will promptly respond at my earliest opportunity.  

Design Consult   $250

We create 3 recommended design directions and color combinations for your home.  This is based on your budget, materials, timeline, and goals

Fill out Google Forms intake Questionnaire.
Share 3 well lit images of your space using blue Dropbox Link below.  
We create 3 reccomended design directions in your home based on your submitted images and Google questionaire

We then start to refine based on your goals.  Budget, Materials, timeline, etc.  

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"Ballpark Prices" per SF prices are written on the website.  

Final estimate based on the materials you choose and the prep work we  need to adhere to the manufacturer specifications.  Eg.  Leveling + waterproofing of concrete foundation makes a floor install look better and prevents cracking or separation of planks.

Estimates are dynamic and can change based on material choices, jobsite, etc.    

* Prices can be more or less depending on your situation.  An unoccupied home allows us to begin early and work late.  This yields a quicker and better installation.  When needed, we recruit specialty contractors from Naples or Miami.  Speicialty contractors prioritize new construction and unemcumbered jobsites.  

Live with it  ( $)

Experience the colors in your EXACT light and environment.  Whether its floors, paint, or both.  We want to get the material in your home so you live with it for at least 7 days to confirm this is the look you want.  

We want you to be confident in your investment choice.  

12x12" paint sample stickers.   Or
Paint an entire wall or a portion 

dentify your job scope and bring out the specific contractors needed for the job to give you the most accurate estimate possible.  We charge for

Itemized estimate with materials and estimated start/completion date.  This includes subcontractor names

We let you control the process while we share our best feedback and suggestions.  


#1 Exit Strategy
My goal is your exit strategy.  Creating an interior appealing to diverse homebuyers with material quality and workmanship that stands the test of time.   Whether you sell in 2 months or 200 months, we will create an install designed to stand the test.

#2  Enjoyment
 I want to create an interior that is timeless beautiful to make you feel good.  Avoiding cheap and trendy materials typically found at big box stores.  

1.  Text ME- Send me 3 photos of the area, 


1.  Text ME

3 photos of the area
Your Budget
Usage-  Rental?  Primary Residence?

I'll take a look at the entire picture and let you know what I would recommend based on the entire situation.  

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