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Unlike many contractors, I create manageable job scopes and milestones to create a timeless interior.  Many contractors jump on trends such "Agreeable Gray" which is generally a terrible direction for a Florida home.

Designing, selling, and managing various remodeling projects in my 20's was highly enjoyable.   I collaborated with and supervised talented Spanish-speaking work force.  I am comfortable in design and project management roles.    I selectively take on projects with predictable outcomes ensuring a clear transformation from BEFORE to AFTER.

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1. Handyman Services -  Call me and Ill handle the job, or refer you a partner.  

2. Sustainable Remodel -  No rip out of plumbing, electrical, showers, etc.  Instead we rejuvenate your existing structures.   These jobs usually run $2,500-$10,000 and include:  
Hardware | Interior Paint | Refinish |  Fixture | Receptacles & Outlets | Vanities & Cabinet | ReGout Tile | Caulk & Paint | Baseboards | Carpentry & Wood Fabrication

3.  Rip out and Remodel -  Design, Quote, Signoff,  Speciality contractors engaged & scheduled.  These are jobs where permits are usually needed and 

Premium Remodels & Material

I specialize in recommending premium materials that enhance your home's value, favoring options like engineered hardwood over less desirable "luxury vinyl plank." I handle most of the installation work myself, but when specific expertise is required, I collaborate with specialized contractors. For instance, I recently completed a project involving specialized stair stringer fascia installation in Sail Harbour, Fort Myers, for which I brought in a skilled trim carpenter.

Many of the contractors I partner with have English as their second language (ESL) but excel in their craftsmanship. My utmost priority is ensuring that you receive the precise quality of work you desire.

To further inspire my work, I curate design articles and YouTube videos that showcase exceptional architecture and interior design. You can explore these resources by clicking on the "INSPO" link in the header.  Better yet jump into my personal favorite, "The Local Project." YouTube channel.

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My Process

Many home remodeling contractors often tear out and replace components, but homeowners may not realize that the "new" materials used are of lower quality.  With over 25 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and importing, my family focuses on offering higher quality solutions.

Instead of automatically opting for expensive replacements, I first evaluate the design and quality of your existing components.   It might be possible to save money by preserving certain elements, such as cabinets, while updating elements like doors, drawers, hardware, fixtures, and paint finishes.

My goal is to provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions. Even a budget of $5,000 to $15,000 can significantly transform a small bathroom. For larger budgets, I can assist with material and color selection as a design consultant or manage the entire remodeling project, including coordinating with contractors.

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I'm a 4th generation electrician with a family background in craftsmanship and design. My father is a skilled furniture designer, and I've been involved in construction and design since my I was old enough to hold a paint brush. I also manage a top global art website showcasing collectible home design.

My services include stocking flooring samples (LVP, wood, grout), premium paint, and creating home renderings during the design phase for beautiful and predictable results.  We also get the materials on the floor and wall so you can lived with it before we move forward.  

Facebook proves that Florida home remodels often result in poorly executed projects, with 50K spent on ugly or defective outcomes.  Instead, consider hiring a passionate and obsessed expert.  With over 20 years of experience in color and material combinations, I offer affordable consulting and financing options to ensure your project's success. Reach out by texting me photos plus the subject area to start a conversation.

Tile Repair & ReGrout

My family pioneered micro-denier fabrics (faux-suedes) sales and importing with Morgan Fabric company of Los Angeles.  I import custom tools for performing ReGrout.  I also import a 100% non porous "Performance Grout" or I can source quality Mapei products from Floor & Decor.  

I stock samples of LVP floor, wood, grout, Benjamin Moore paint though I prefer Sherwin Williams for most projects.  

Bath Remodel (View Details)

Replace Ugly Outlets, Switches, Fixtures + Paint

Lanai Hardware Fasteners

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Painting - Interior Painting | Exterior Painting | Cabinet Painting

Bathroom Revamp - Hardware, Cabinet Paint, Light Fixture Replacement, Wall Painting

Kitchen Revamp - Hardware, Cabinet Paint, Light Fixture Replacement, Wall Painting

Patio Restoration - Hardware & Fastener Replacement, Sanding & Painting

Floors - Tile ReGrouts, Tile Repair, Engineer Hardwood, Wood Floors, Luxury Vinyl Plank

Home Remodel, Design & Handyman | Ft Myers & Cape Coral
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